Monday, August 31, 2009



I do actually wish I had a falcon, that would be pretty great. Instead I am at a chocolate shop counting pieces of paper and waiting til 3:30PM. Oh, and the music sucks. But not riding a giant falcon. That would never suck.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It also just occurred to me that no one should read this blog. This is the silliest excuse for a blog I have ever encountered. And that is saying a lot.
I am not going to take this lying down. But I just got up from a nap, so I am having a hard time concentrating enough on things like posting stupid pictures or videos to my blog.


i made you a present.



The preserved body of Hachikō — Japan’s most famous dog — is on display on the second floor of the museum’s Japan Gallery wing. An Akita dog born in 1923, Hachikō is remembered for his deep loyalty to his owner. While his owner was alive, Hachikō would greet him at the end of each day at Shibuya station when he returned home from work. The man died in 1925, but Hachikō kept his daily routine, faithfully waiting for his owner every evening at the station for 10 years until he died in 1935. Hachikō’s permanent presence at Shibuya station attracted widespread attention, and his legendary faithfulness became a national symbol of loyalty."


Saturday, August 22, 2009

i'm actually kind of a roger klotz worshipper



this is the first paragraph of something from the internet.

This was just something goofy a friend and I role played long ago. We were sort of mixing the Hercules universe with the Doug universe and it always produced hilarious results. Anyway, the story behind this is that Roger and Judy and Naya,,Hades' bodyguard, wanted to pull a prank on Doug. They got hold of his journal and read it. Judy was mocking Doug on his little hormone flares and mostly about his seemingly sudden crush on Naya. Naya got wind of that and literally tore Doug up...tearing his arm off that he writes with and eventually killing him. Judy was mortified and Roger didn't think that Doug would have had that happen. He just assumed Naya would pound the crap out of him. Soooo...Skeeter walked into the scene and pretty much begged Naya to help get Doug back to the living world. Naya likes Skeeter a lot so he's the only reason she agreed. They hot wired a car and she "drove" it to the Herc-verse which was funny because she can't drive let alone knows what a car is! They crashed and had to walk to the Underworld now which was bad because it's so far and the trip is full of many dangers. Sadly, she and I stopped the role play for some reason or another. I thought I would encourage her to continue by making this story. I have yet to complete it, but in the mean time it's still an interesting bit of work. Hope you enjoy it and maybe Ill refind my Muse and get an ending to this tale. For those of you that are stuck in the Doug stuff being forever in a "G" rating I suggest you am-scray now. This has violence and naughty language. For the "Doug Bleeding Hearts out there ((Thanks to LadyBird Gribble for that fab catch phrase)) I suggest you not to read this at all because I'm not in the mood to hear you banter about how terrible I am that I killed off Doug. Remember, I'm a Roger Klotz worshipper, not a Doug worshipper. I also have a sci-fi story in the works that shall be VERY dark and dismal so the same warning shall apply to that. You know what you're in for so either stop now or deal with it. Haha..enjoy dear ones.

doug fan fiction

Diary, Am I Gay?

Dear Diary,

Today was the second day of high school for me. It started out normal,

that is until P.E. See, we were all supposed to run the track, then

come inside of the locker room to take a shower. Well, diary, that's

when today got, well, weird. See, I was standing next to Skeeter, and

I couldn't help looking at his, uh, well, down there. He noticed me and

he is acting funny around me now. Whenever I think of his tall, blue body

and those beautifully chiseled features of his, I feel, something.

Something I have never felt for anyone, not even Patty. I think that I

only liked her because she looks like a boy. Diary, am I gay?

this is what comes up when you google image search "sexy skeeter.

but. this is actually skeeter.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, I don't know

I read a poem once and my co-worker Diana and her Canadian art-friend turned it into art.

Paul and Jessica think my shameless self-promotion is not in line with our business model.

Ok, okay.


It's hot out there.

The flames of summer are mocking us.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Like a Kennedy

When his insistent hand moved below the white cotton lace of her bra, Elizabeth froze for a moment. She remembered one sunny Sunday afternoon when she and Grams were baking oatmeal raisin cookies as the a.m. radio played sweet oldies songs about hoping your husband would come back safely from the trenches of Germany. As the cookies cooled on their racks near the windo in the breeze from the summer afternoon, Grams sat her down and talked to her about grown up love and how important it was to “save yourself for the man who really loves you, honey, and who you really love.”

“But how will I know that he’s the right man, Grammy,” she’d asked.

Grams’ faded blue eyes twinkled a little, like the way starlight flickers on water just before the dawn, and she laughed.

“Oh, honey,” she said, and hugged Elizabeth closer, “when it’s the right man, you’ll just know.” And they talked on about Respect and Dignity and Love until the sun was a pale glow as it set on the horizon and the crickets were a beautiful orchestra just tuning up to play a lullaby for the night.

Was Michael P. Denny the right man? She didn’t know.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Message Board

Thank you for visiting my site. I would love it if you Add to this message board for open discussion. All worthy contribution will be updated on readers' comment page. Please note that opinions or observations mentioned on the message board are subject to your judgment and feel free to express it.

Name: My Dead heart
Date Posted: 17:47, 03 05 2008
Message: Hey I agree I love wolves they are my fav animals^^ and I want ppl to save them to.
~*My Dead Heart*~

Name: shadow wolf
Date Posted: 17:17, 02 05 2008
Message: that was mean!!! but funny!!! nice^_^!!!

Name: Shadows Deciever
E-mail: ...
Date Posted: 22:12, 01 05 2008
Message: Hey go to this website and play a game...

Your in for a SHOCK

Name: shadow wolf
Date Posted: 17:07, 01 05 2008
Message: some of your answers dark lady. well,they would like the dark, maybe even howl at the moon. & they would probably like to eat meat a ton. and they would act like a real wolf like crawl around on all fours, or pant. those are just some answers. i hope it helps!!^_^!

Name: shadow wolf
Date Posted: 17:02, 01 05 2008
Message: so why are you intersted in werewolves!? shadow deciever!?

Name: aerie
Date Posted: 16:59, 01 05 2008
Message: yea, you just noticed!!!? shadows deciever!? ^_^!

Name: Dark Lady
Date Posted: 04:20, 01 05 2008
Message: hi ppl i knw dis sounds strange nd i dntwanna offend ne1 but i need the typical traits of a werewolf cuz im suspectin a few ppl i knw cud be...includin ma other half, plz anyone , ust email me or summit. i just want answers.

Name: Shadows Deciever
E-mail: heh...
Date Posted: 21:00, 30 04 2008
Message: Looks like we have a new member of the group...

Name: shadow wolf (AERIE)
Date Posted: 20:33, 30 04 2008
Message: SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!! I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!and all you IDIOTS out there who think that woles eat people your WRONG and STUPID is what you are!!!! they DON;T and WON'T EAT PEOPLE!!!!! ^_^ te-he!! now go out and save them, instead of lying on the couch eating potato chips and watching the simpsons!!! you couch potato!!!! ^_^ Te-He!!!

Name: shadow wolf (AERIE)
Date Posted: 20:32, 30 04 2008
Message: SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!! I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!and all you IDIOTS out there who think that woles eat people your WRONG and STUPID is what you are!!!! they DON;T and WON'T EAT PEOPLE!!!!! ^_^ te-he!! now go out and save them, instead of lying on the couch eating potato chips and watching the simpsons!!! you couch potato!!!! ^_^ Te-He!!!

Name: aerie robinson
Date Posted: 20:23, 30 04 2008
Message: well wolves are my favorite animals, and i'm fascinated by mythological creatures but wait werewolves aren;t mythological so. anyway of course werewolves are real! and some of them are good imean there not all evil!!? but anyway i love this site it's one of my favorites thanks for making it!!!!!!!

Name: Dan
Date Posted: 16:03, 30 04 2008
Message: Well Ray, just keep trying. New York should be plenty large enough to accomodate your needs...just PLEASE be very careful.

What's up M.D.H.? You be careful, too, young lady!

Name: ray
Date Posted: 15:47, 30 04 2008
Message: i found a pack in detroit on meetup but it was too far away for me to contact them.


This looks real good.


I have finally found a blog better than my own!


One of my many side-projects is writing romance novels. To get myself psyched up I will be doing a lot of were-related posts today.

Why does this one feature Abe Lincoln? I don't know. Don't ask so many questions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I work with the singer and I have never envied someone's dress more in my life.


This represents several things of which we are in full support: continuation of a theme, terrible music videos, talking space dogs, and poignant warnings of the dangers of mother russia.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ode to a Broken Shoelace

By Daniel Liebowitz M.D.

August, 2009

Foot-filled fluid, the right one too!

The lace doth tear. The tiny hair

Pressure expanding till thread doth snap.

Shoe falls off with mighty clap.

Integrity gone; remains dismay

‘Til foot shrinks back in normal way

And new lace takes its former place.

To seize the shoe in feline grace.

It now can win the fast foot race

No more cast thoughts of life laid waste

Dancing away in its new found lot

The knot has found it’s proper spot.

he tries desperately to hide his love for me


Thursday, August 6, 2009


"The snow-- you'll laugh at me-- reminds me of ermine!" And the old lady began to laugh.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am writing haikus on the scroll of your heart

Misty mountains, Ho!
I didn't start the fire
But I am the SUN.


1) All tigers who stand up and dance must wear pants.

2) All drums will only be beaten by my mind.

3) No pretending to sleep if you are a cat.

4) No virgins.

5) Anyone who wants TRIX can have TRIX.

6) I must be discussed in every conversation.

7) Don't ask.

8) All fern. All the time.

Monday, August 3, 2009




I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. And now I realized that the thing that would make me happy: owning and operating my own put-put golf.


Now I am on a role, recommending reading material for you. I like to think of myself of a taste-maker. I have the midas touch, if you will: anything I blog about turns to GOLD.

The Power of Meow is a bold journey into the dangerous psyche of cats and stuff.

Rave reviews.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


If you like wolves, you will like this maybe. And you don't read nearly enough poetry. And apparently this is a poetry blog. Could have fooled me, right?


I have gone too far.

A conversation that just happened:
Co-worker: What is that? Pictures of wolves.
Me: Yeah, pictures of wolves.
Co-worker: Oh.


and you, good luck to you. Unfortunately while googling GOOD LUCK google suggested that I might be searching for GOOD LUCK, CHUCK. Which, unfortunately reminded me that both Jessica Alba and Dane Cook(e?) exist.

But good luck, everyone.